The Ding Dong indicator!

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The Ding Dong indicator!

Hostess brands Ding Dongs have always been one of my favorite snacks since I was little, and I was very disappointed to find out they are going to liquidate because the Bakers union has gone on strike!

I have to chuckle as I am reading this news because I never knew there was a Bakers union somewhere, and I am thinking that these guys should accept the pay cut and the equity stake in the company and stay employed.

While I have seen people go on strike before, I never would have believed that a bunch of bakers could form a union, and then after the company goes into bankruptcy go on strike.

Striking from a company in Bankruptcy has to be a little like buying high and selling low, just doesn’t sound sounds like a dumb plan.

I think they are lucky to be employed anywhere and should be happy to be part of the great hostess revival that would have taken place

Instead there will now be 18,000 new workers in the unemployment lines.

We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” CEO says

if you like twinkies I guess you should go stock up, I hear they stay fresh for years!



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